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In January The House of Representatives start a new term. Everyone involved in agriculture must be informed of all new legislation that will have an affect on our industry and voice their opinions! We know the entire agricultural industry is under attack from liberal groups such as PETA, Vegans, and even the EPA. This next year we must take the offence to protect the worlds most important industry by continually contacting our Representatives and Senators and prodding them into doing what is right.

First Call-3-Call: WOTUS

While President Trumps has taken the first step to contain and eliminate WOTUS you must still let your congressman know you expect them to act! The "Waters of The United States" EPA regulation must be ended. The misuse of this regulation has the potential to cause problems for every farm and ranch in the USA. Congressman Bob Gibbs from the 7th district of Ohio, member of the House Ag Committee, has been working to end this regulation,

     Contact your Congressman and Senators and let them know you evpect them to join with Congressman Gibbs' efforts. Click here to see what Mr. Gibbs has done.

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Scott Pruitt,

 the Republican attorney general for Oklahoma was picked to head the EPA must be supported by the agricultural industry. The EPA has ran unchecked for way to long. It has become an enemy of rights farm and ranchers throughout the USA. Every liberal environmentalist and the news media that support them will attempt to get his appointment denied. Start calling now!!

   An example of what you will be said: House minority leader Nancy Pelosi says the Pruitt nomination must be blocked "for the sake of the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the planet we will leave our children." New York AG Eric Schneiderman says Pruitt is a "dangerous and an unqualified choice." Independent socialist senator Bernie Sanders declares the Pruitt pick is not only dangerous but also "sad." The League of Conservation Voters calls Pruitt not just a global warming skeptic but "an outright climate denier." from