Pasture Improvement

The grass makes the difference!


Beating the high cost of feed!

      Proper pasture management does cost it pays and can pay big! Increased gains with less grain and mineral supplement cost, decreased healthcare cost and more available forage to be baled or bagged are some of the most notable benefits.

      According to Darrell L. Emmick (Jan 96 DYKN), Pastures can provide 100 lbs of TDN (total digestible nutrients) for half the cost of alfalfa, a quarter of the cost of corn silage, and a fifth of the cost of grain; while providing 2-3 times the crude protein levels of corn silage with comparable net energy for lactation?

      As the cost of grain has increased it has become more necessary to replace grains with higher quality forages. New and improved varieties of grasses and forages have helped increase the total nutrition available to pastured livestock.








Pasture & Forage Seeds